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  • Why Art Collectors Need the Right Insurance

    Why Art Collectors Need the Right Insurance

    Some of the most common questions advisors hear from clients about their fine art and collectibles are, “Does my homeowner’s insurance provide coverage for my artwork? Do I need a special rider?” A typical homeowner’s insurance policy affords you a little bit of coverage. And when we say a little, we mean extraordinarily little. Typically,… Continue Reading

  • The World of Rare Books

    The World of Rare Books

    What Determines Value and Where is the Current Market? BOOK VALUE IS GOVERNED BY THREE FACTORS: Intrinsic importance – the look and significance of the publication when first published, printed and bound. Collectors’ interest – the popularity of the subject. Scarcity – items that are in short supply. The limited availability of a commodity; for…

  • How Do Appraisers Become Appraisers?

    How Do Appraisers Become Appraisers?

    Often when I work for a new client I am asked for my credentials and just how I became an appraiser. Did you go to Appraiser School? What’s your area of expertise? Or something of that nature. Each appraiser may have a slightly different story, but generally, they are along the same lines. Becoming an…

  • Is Your Art Collection Protected?

    Is Your Art Collection Protected?

    Some Insider Tips The time to think about properly protecting fine art is before a loss occurs. Sadly, many collectors are unaware of the exposure they have until it’s too late. Here are some tips to keep in mind when considering how to best safeguard your fine art. Know Your Insurance PolicyYou may have severely…

  • Identifying Tiffany Lamps

    Identifying Tiffany Lamps

    Almost all of us are familiar with those colorful dragonflies and butterflies that adorn the famed Tiffany lamps. However, when looking to purchase one, buyer beware! The market is flooded with fakes and reproductions. So if you’re looking to acquire an authentic lamp from Tiffany studios, here are a few tips you can utilize to…

  • Working With Philanthropies

    Working With Philanthropies

    As an accredited appraiser with over 10 years of experience, I can say that the art world is consistently rich with new discoveries, wonderful objects, and plenty of stories to tell. Veritas Fine Art Appraisals and Consulting provides formal appraisal services for a variety of reasons, including estate planning purposes. Depending on the scenario, we…

  • Meet an Old Masters Mistress

    Meet an Old Masters Mistress

    A Long Lost Portrait of King Charles II Mistress And The Old Masters’ Market A Portrait of a Venetian Nobleman by Peter Paul Rubens reached $7 million at Sotheby’s in July 2018.  At a time when contemporary art has become the art market’s most coveted segment for elite collectors, this sale reflects the vibrancy of…

  • O’Keeffe’s Paintings Command Top Dollars In Recent Auctions

    O’Keeffe’s Paintings Command Top Dollars In Recent Auctions

    Among the top 5 sellers at Sotheby’s New York Impressionist & Modern Art Evening Sale on May 14, 2018 was a painting by American artist Georgia O’Keeffe (1887-1986). Lake George with White Birch reached $11.29 million dollars, performing over nearly twice its high estimate. This is O’Keeffe’s third-highest price after Lake George Reflection (1921-1922) reaching $13M…

  • Alexander Calder’s Mobile Mania

    Alexander Calder’s Mobile Mania

    ‘Big Red,’ Alexander Calder, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York A key performer in quantifying the sky-high contemporary market Alexander Calder invented the mobile. They’re primarily wire, sheet metal and paint. They’re incredibly simple to the naked eye and can be difficult to place in private settings to maximize the view the artist intended.…

  • So, you MIGHT have a Picasso?

    So, you MIGHT have a Picasso?

    Veritas has worked with many clients who either own or are considering purchasing a work of art that might have significant monetary or historical value. In this scenario, the client is often faced with the challenge of properly identifying the work in question and often realizes the path to authentication can be a maze to…