What To Expect

When you first reach out to Veritas, you can expect to be asked to provide the following information. NOTE: You don’t need to have all of this right away! We can certainly start a dialogue without it, but in order to create a quote for the project, we will need this information.

What is the scope of your project?

Do you need an appraisal for insurance purposes? Are you dividing an estate? Are you looking for fair market value of an item you are considering purchasing or selling?

What will be appraised?

What types of items will be included? For example, artwork, antiques, jewelry, etc. How many pieces are there? (Note: If it’s a large collection, an approximation is fine at this stage!)

What is your timeline?

If you are on a deadline, for example, if you need an appraisal for an item you are donating in time to complete your taxes, please let us know. We will do our best to accommodate!

Where are you located?

While many items can be appraised via high-quality images, some appraisals will require an on-site visit.


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