Identifying Tiffany Lamps

Almost all of us are familiar with those colorful dragonflies and butterflies that adorn the famed Tiffany lamps. However, when looking to purchase one, buyer beware! The market is flooded with fakes and reproductions. So if you’re looking to acquire an authentic lamp from Tiffany studios, here are a few tips you can utilize to ensure its the real deal. Note that there are more tips than the few listed here, but these are a good start!

  • Confetti! Look closely at the colored glass on the shade of the lamp. Originals emit a confetti-like texture in their colors, rather than a flat, monochromatic color.
  • Knock knock, who’s there? Gently knock the shade with your knuckle. Most originals will feel loose, not firm.
  • Pick it up! Look closely at the underside of the base. Authentic Tiffany lamps have a heavy metal ring in the opening of the base.
  • Confirm with an expert! Even after vetting the lamp itself, seek out a trained expert who can confirm the authenticity for you and also determine what it’s worth.

Happy hunting!

By Carrie Baker
Founder, Lead Appraiser
Veritas Fine Art Appraisals & Consulting